We are developing and producing Camera Crane systems as known as Jimmy Jip with 15 years experience. We are trying to renew ourselves every day in a globalizing competition and we are moving with the feedback we receive from our customers.
We know that innovation requires continuity, we closely monitor changes and developments.

We meet the needs of Broadcast and Film sector in USA, especially in Sweden, Germany, Azerbaijan, Middle East and all over Turkey.

Steadycam allows you to shoot smoothly moving images and it’s camera transport tool that add motion on the TV, Movies, Ads, Videos, live events. Steadycam is often used in action scenes. Camera usually mounted with the microphone on the body, thus adding action to the scenes.

We achieved a province in Turkey and produced the first professional Steadycam. Our product is light, robust and stable. Also ıt becomes standard and error-free with Laser and CNC technology. Steadycam, one of the prestige products of broadcasting industry, is produced in 3 different sizes and features as SD, HD and CINE.

The biggest problem is trembling problem on the video recording. We are solving the biggest problem on the video recordings with Gimbal. You can record smooth video while running with Gimbal, you can shoot many action scenes as seamless.